Unlock Your Data’s
Full Potential

At Armeta, we are data engineers for the data cloud, and we know that data transformation, data innovation, and data engineering are critical to unlocking the full potential of your business.

As one of eleven Snowflake Professional Services Partners in the U.S., we take pride in being counted on for the toughest projects. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and expertise to ensure success for our clients.

Data Engineering for the Data Cloud

Our team offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help you develop a cutting-edge data cloud strategy, architecture, and migration plan. Our proprietary tools and expertise can help you migrate and re-platform to Snowflake in a fraction of the time compared to benchmark competitors and gain immediate value from your data cloud investment.

Data Engineering

  • Modern Cloud Data Architecture
  • Cloud Migration Services, featuring CMA
  • Data Cloud Pipelines & Transformations
  • Data Cloud Quality and Cleansing
  • Armeta Advantage
  • Data Cloud Ops
  • Predictive Analytics via Machine Learning and AI Implementations

Data Strategy

  • Analytics Strategy and Planning
  • Data Use Cases Roadmap
  • Data Governance

Data Visualization

  • Business Intelligence Implementation
  • Prescriptive, Real-Time Analytics
  • Change Management

Our comprehensive data strategy is designed to support your business today while planning for the future. With our innovative approach, we transform your data into a powerful fuel that drives your business forward, delivering speed, cost savings, and a competitive edge that lasts for years to come.

Effortlessly Migrate to the Cloud with Cloud Migration Accelerator™

If you’re looking for a way to migrate your large data volumes to the cloud quickly and cost-effectively, Armeta’s proprietary Cloud Migration Accelerator™ (CMA) will get you there. With CMA, you can streamline and accelerate the process, migrating and re-platforming hundreds of terabytes in just a few days.

Harness the advantages of the modern data cloud, including increased scalability, cost efficiencies, and business benefits in record time.

CMA can help you:

  • Move your largest data projects to the data cloud with ease
  • Support a range of legacy database systems natively
  • Get lightning-fast loading with parallelization and multithreading
  • Keep your source systems and cloud data in sync, enabling seamless cutover
  • Compare the source system and migrated data to validate completion and accuracy
  • Access the time saving and revenue benefits of CMA
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Saving You Time & Money

Typical platform migrations can take weeks or months, but Armeta can migrate and re-platform 1 terabyte in 2 hours.

Most Data Engineering Providers
1 Terabyte In
1 Terabyte In

That’s $29,500 saved per Terabyte in migration and re-platform costs. These savings have a multiplying effect that delivers better, faster decision-making from accurate, real-time, actionable insights. The potential financial benefits are significant and could reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

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