Unlock Your Data’s Full Potential

At Armeta, we are data engineers for the data cloud, and we know that data transformation, data innovation, and data engineering are critical to unlocking the full potential of your business.

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Unlock Your Data’s Full Potential

Celebrating 25 Years of Data Engineering Excellence

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We are data engineers for the data cloud with over 25 years of specialization in data engineering, data architecture and data analytics.

Data Solutions for the Data Cloud

Armeta offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help you develop a cutting-edge data cloud strategy, architecture, migration plan, AI roadmap, and advanced analytics implementation. Our proprietary tools and expertise can help you migrate and replatform to a modern data cloud in a fraction of the time compared to benchmark competitors and gain immediate value from your data cloud investment.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering for the Data Cloud

Modern data environment ready for accurate analytics, AI, and innovation.

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Migration & Replatforming

Migration & Replatforming for the Data Cloud

Migrate and replatform large volumes of legacy data quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

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AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning for the Data Cloud

Cutting-edge, tailored AI/ML solutions to achieve unprecedented business value.

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Data Strategy

Data Strategy for the Data Cloud

Clear data transformation and innovation strategy, including AI/ML plans.

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Data Consumption

Data Consumption for the Data Cloud

Faster, accurate, transformative, actionable insights to drive data-driven decisions.

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Cloud Managed Services

Managed Services for the Data Cloud

Fully managed support to maintain the quality and integrity of your operational data cloud.

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Transforming Data Rapidly, Precisely, Guaranteed.

Learn how Armeta can help you transform your data, maximize return on your data cloud investment, and make faster, accurate, data-driven decisions for your enterprise.

Effortlessly Migrate to the Cloud with Cloud Migration Accelerator™

Armeta’s Cloud Migration Accelerator™ (CMA) is a proprietary toolset developed by our team of data engineers and data architects. With CMA, large volumes of legacy on-premises data are migrated and replatformed rapidly and precisely — in weeks, not months.

Learn how Armeta’s CMA can help you replatform your data 21 times faster than the traditional manual approach.

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Effortlessly Migrate to the Cloud with Cloud Migration Accelerator™

Saving You Time & Money

Typical platform migrations can take months, but Armeta’s CMA can migrate and replatform in just weeks.

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Our Technology Partners

Our Technology Partners

Armeta is honored to partner with best-in-class technology partners to solve your most complex data challenges.

SnowflakeMatillionImmutaAWSMicrosoft Azure
Building the Data Cloud with Snowflake

Building the Data Cloud with Snowflake

As the leading provider of cloud-based data solutions, Snowflake is among Armeta’s most valued and trusted technology partners. Our strong expertise on the platform ensures that customers maximize their full potential on the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Data Transformation in Action:Client Success Stories

Data Transformation in Action:
Client Success Stories

We have helped enterprises from diverse industries transform their data, produce unprecedented business impact, and gain full value from their data cloud investments.

Unlocking Potential For

Guaranteed Analytics

Guaranteed Analytics

A Prescriptive Approach to Monetizing Your Data

In Guaranteed Analytics, Armeta’s CEO, Jim Rushton offers a prescriptive approach to identifying the opportunity analytics present, building an insight-focused culture, and unlocking the stories behind the data. Guaranteed.