Data Consumption Services

How will different levels of data users connect and interact with the transformed, quality data to make data-driven decisions and actions?

Armeta understands the different ways organizations consume data to power business growth. Our skilled experts can translate business objectives and use case requirements into optimal data products for all levels of data users.

Data Consumption

Reporting, Visualization & Analytics

Data Visualization

Data visualization provides data users with the ability to visualize and interact with data to uncover insights, patterns, and trends, and measure performance. Data reports, visualization, and analytics enable users to make data-informed and actionable decisions.

Data Reports

Armeta has extensive experience and expertise in delivering intuitive reports, dashboards, and tools of wide-ranging complexities for all levels of data users and across various industries.

Data Tools

We have created custom tools and reports tailored to our client’s usage cases. Our experts can also deliver solutions using industry-leading visualization tools, including:

Power BI, Tableau, Looker, Sigma Computing, MicroStrategy, Thoughtspot, Cognos, QlikSense, Domo, and Zoho Analytics.

Armeta’s Visualization Solutions in Action

Armeta provides a comprehensive suite of data visualization tools to empower our clients with valuable insights in several key areas: product insights, location reviews, mobile and website engagement, offer conversion, and sales opportunities.

These custom dashboards are designed to work independently or seamlessly with our cutting-edge retail AI, arai. By leveraging these tools, our clients gain a competitive advantage by visualizing and analyzing data, enabling them to make informed decisions, optimize product offerings, enhance the performance of their locations, and uncover new sales opportunities. Armeta’s data visualization tools and arai together form a powerful combination for data-driven retail success.

Predictive & Prescriptive, Actionable Insights

Your organization needs both predictive and prescriptive insights. And most importantly, your insights need to be actionable. Armeta understands how to deliver for our clients the optimal mix of predictive, prescriptive, and actionable insights to unlock the full business value of their data.



Predictive insights model data to forecast potential outcomes.



Prescriptive insights inform the optimal course of action. Prescriptive insights may range from decision support to decision automation.

Actionable Insights


Actionable insights can be derived from both predictive and prescriptive insights and must be delivered effectively using the right reporting and visualization tools for data users and decision-makers.

Are you ready to elevate your data consumption to the next level with Armeta?